2019 Basel Tudor new BlackBayP01 watch

2019 Basel Tudor new BlackBayP01 watch

Today we are going to introduce you to the new Basel Tudor watch for 2019. In general, replica Tudor is online at the new Basel level in 2019, but one of them is too surprising. It is estimated that almost no one can think of Tudor will launch such a replica watches.

replica tudor BlackBayP01 watch
In Basel in 2019, replica Tudor launched the Tudor BlackBayP01 watch. Before the start of Basel, some people have already revealed that this watch will be a new work of Tudor in 2019, but it has been questioned because it is too unlike Tudor. It turned out that it really was! Looking at the watch alone, of course, it has replica Tudor design elements, the dial is very “Tudor”, but the bezel, case and lugs are not “Tudor”. As soon as the watch was launched, it attracted several major concerns: Does the original Tudor have such a replica watches?
We saw its name, BlackBayP01 watch, Tudor attributed it to the brand’s hot BlackBay series, and named it P01 replica watch. Its name also has a history: Tudor watches have been supplying diving watches to the US Navy since the late 1950s. In 1967, Tudor started to develop new technical watches, which must not only meet a series of technical requirements of the US government, but also reflect the advanced research results of Tudor watch engineers. This research and development project led to the birth of a number of prototype watches and proposed a function patent that has not been disclosed so far. It is a pity that this large project code-named “Commando” (Commando) was eventually put on hold. To this day, Tudor draws inspiration from the prototype watch No. 1 and produces the new Tudor BlackBayP01 watch.
It is a very common practice for watch brands to draw inspiration from historical fake watches uk to launch new replica watches uk. The reason why this P01 watch is so surprising is that it is rarely known because of its prototype watch. The new watch basically reproduces the prototype watch faithfully (above), but it is more in line with the brand characteristics and more modern. For example, the Mercedes-Benz needle was replaced with a snowflake needle with more replica Tudor recognition, the Xiaohua LOGO was replaced with a more modern shield LOGO, and a single-line red letter was also used on the dial.
The back of the watch is as unpretentious as his source, but inside is the MT5612 movement produced by replica Tudor, which is reliable and powerful. Observatory certified, dynamic storage up to 70 hours, equipped with anti-magnetic silicon hairspring.
The hinged end link system used in previous prototype fake watches is the core of the 1968 patented technology. This patent includes a bezel locking and disassembling system, making watch maintenance more convenient. BlackBayP01 watch fully draws on history, with a moving end link at 12 o’clock, a locking mechanism is set for the two-way rotating outer ring. The watch has a matte stainless steel case with a black dial, which is waterproof to 200 meters, and the crown is located at 4 o’clock. Replica Tudor is equipped with a leather and rubber composite strap, which looks like a leather strap on the outside. In fact, the main material inside is rubber, which ensures fashion and comfort. The overseas price of the watch is 3,950 US dollars, about 26,500 yuan.


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