Franck Muller and Rolls-Royce launch special Wraith Crazy Numbers watch

Franck Muller and Rolls-Royce launch special Wraith Crazy Numbers watch

In recent years, the joint name of high-end cars and replica watches can be said to be more and more frequent, such as the joint name of Roger Dubuis and LAMBORGHINI, the cooperation of Hublot and Ferrari, the cooperation of JACOB & CO. and BUGGATI, etc. The joint names have become more frequent. ROLLS-ROYCE Rolls-Royce jointly launched a special Wraith Crazy Numbers watch and car.

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Needless to say about the co-branded cars, the Rolls-Royce Motor Company of Geneva uses the innovative and super large time scale of the Crazy Hours series for the interior and instrument design of the customized version of the Phantom. We can see Crazy Hours on the leather surface of the rear seat of Wraith. Arranged time-scaled numbers will also be seen on the carbon fiber door interiors. Crazy Hours Arabic numbers are randomly arranged to cleverly connect the impressions of the two brands. The model will be named Rolls-Royce Phantom Crazy Numbers.
The joint watch is Wraith Crazy Numbers. The brand has launched a total of two limited edition works, one of which is a black case, with a blue dial (black hour markers) and a blue belt; the other is in turn a blue watch The case is paired with a black dial (blue hour marker) and a black belt. The design and movement of the two models are exactly the same. At the same time, the same color Arabic numeral watermark will appear on the blue and black dials, making the dial look like a A magical level effect. It is worth noting that the face plate (normal) of Wraith Crazy Numbers is printed with Rolls Royce’s Black Badge customized theme at 6 o’clock, which conveys the gene of car king blessing in a low-key manner.
An important feature of the Crazy Hours series is that its hour hand is not changed clockwise from one hour to the next hour, but according to the orientation shown by the time scale. For example, when switching from one point to two, the hour hand will jump from the upper right corner of the dial at once Turn to the 6 o’clock position of the dial (normal). In short, the wearer should discard the past habits when reading the time, but follow the time scale instructions on the dial on the hand surface, and then enjoy the 360-degree wild jump in the hour hand of the day. Play code. Although the Rolls Royce car seems to be disconnected from the word “crazy”, in fact, the styling design of the replica FRANCK MULLER watch itself is not fancy, but it is walking in the rivers and lakes in a simple and simple style, which is very responsive to the car. The style of the king.


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