Rolex is focused on Oyster Perpetual Collection this year

Rolex is focused on Oyster Perpetual Collection this year

Replica Rolex is focused on Oyster Perpetual Collection this year. In particular, the GMT-Master II line attracted attention by introducing new products with various materials and color combinations. You may have already heard from our forums and the reactions of several replica watches communities around the world, but interest in the steel version of the GMT-Master II with Jubilee bracelets has exploded at Baselworld. It may seem that the new GMT-Master II, not the submariner and C-Dweller, has become the center of this hot topic in the replica Rolex sports replica watches family. The GMT-Master II reminded the public’s interest in the replica Rolex collection that wasn’t focused on a particular model, and it also helped me feel the brand’s strength.

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That’s right. This year, the first steel model with a red/blue two-tone cerachrome bezel was released on the GMT-Master II line. The red/blue two-tone ceramic bezel, also known as ‘Pepsi’ among replica Rolex watch lovers, was presented only in the white gold case (Ref. 116719BLRO) earlier (2014). And this year’s steel case (Ref. 126710BLRO) is newly developed. There is a bigger reason that the reference prefix number has changed, not just because of the material. It’s because of the movement change. As for the movement, we will continue to learn more later.
The new version of the GMT-Master II is a steel model with a Jubilee bracelet consisting of five rows of links and a collection of the first cases and bracelets, the so-called bone model made of 18K Everose (Rose’s original Rose Gold alloy). It is largely divided into one type and one type of two-tone combination model that mixes steel and everose gold. While these three new versions are equipped with a new and improved movement (Calibur 3285), there are also new variations that have only changed the dial color from the previous model without changing the movement (Caliber 3186). The original white gold case & red/blue two-tone ceramic version adds a matte dark blue color dial version instead of black this year (116719BLRO reference is the same).
Here, I want to take a moment to review the history of GMT-Master. Launched in 1955, the GMT-Master was loved by cosmopolitan, a pilot or travel/going business from the very beginning, to be selected as the official replica watches of the American airline Pan Am. That’s why replica Rolex’s first GMT-capable watch in the Oyster Perpetual Collection was also welcomed in the 1950s, because there was no tool replica watches to easily display the second time zone in this way. The replica Rolex’s unique Cyclops lens with an enlarged date, a dot-luminous index applied to the diver’s watch submariner launched earlier in 1953, a unique Mercedes-Benz hand, and above all, a 24-hour graduated red/blue two-tone bezel from the ground up to GMT -It has become a signature detail that indicates that it is a master watch.


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