TAG Heuer’s legendary chronograph Ottavia

TAG Heuer’s legendary chronograph Ottavia

TAG Heuer launched the legendary chronograph replica watches Ottavia, loved in the 1960s, with a revolutionary concept of the second-generation smartwatch, the innovative second-generation smartwatch that was unveiled before the opening of Basel World. It revived, reinterpreted the avant-garde design of the avant-garde design that once enjoyed a time, and re-interpreted the trend of traditional elements with cutting-edge technology, such as the Carrera Heuer 01 line, which has established itself as a brand flagship since its launch in 2015, and continues with a variety of variations. It showed off its strength with a solid product line.

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Then, in 1962, he used the name Ottavia again on a chronograph watch in black and white bi-color with a rotating bezel designed by Jack Heuer, the head of Heuer at the time. Of course, the launch of the modern chronograph collection Carrera, inspired by the thrilling racing race of the 1963 and 1950s, the Carrera Panama America Rally, the following year, Otavia was relatively less buried, but it was later The watch critics and watch enthusiasts of Ota Biya are a pioneering collection that predicted the appearance of Carrera and a true iconic watch that drove the golden age of the chronograph replica watches uk of the 1960s and 1970s.
With the current head of Jean-Claude Biver, replica Tag Heuer, who has focused on Carrera for years, is now ready to turn his attention to another collection. Ottavia’s comeback with a newly reorganized lineup was virtually a predicted procedure. In this regard, replica Tag Heuer established a campaign titled’Autavia Cup’ since last year, and opened a separate website to receive the most votes among 16 historic Ottavias through online voting for a limited time. We have announced that the model will be reflected in the new re-edition new product design.
The watch that garnered the highest preference from a total of over 50,000 voters was the result, the Ottavia Ref. 2446 Mark 3 model-known as the watch worn by famous F1 driver Jochen Rindt at the time of the race, sometimes nicknamed’Autavia’Rindt’-the main character of this sprite It has been. A tri-compact (three-counter) type aka’reverse panda’ dial with elongated batton hands and polished finish with a bar index overlaid with luminous paint and printed numbers from 1 to 11. The Ottavia’Lint’ model with a black rotating bezel was clearly a watch with timeless typicality and distinctive personality.


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